[Hard Rejected] Psd Template need feedback




My Item in category PSD -> technology got hard rejected in first time
need feedback …

home pages:


No one here?



The PSD is nicely created and creative work too. In which matter the envato theme rejected is question on it . The work is fine and must be approved by envato team. Mail to envato team and ask him to give a genuine reason on it.


@phoenixcoded Thank you, i’ll do this, Any Feedback ?


he’s very unlikely going to have then … if they had to do , they would do right from the beginning …


hi as for me i have trouble to identify why it has been rejected … maybe an originality issue, i have no idea, the thing is cool in my view , even if i am really not fond of italic fonts, for me that look old and not attractive but u don’t have to much of it, plus this is nicely executed a work according to me so that’s ok …