Hard Reject: PSD template. Help me!


Hello everyone, my PSD template was rejected, someone can help me figure out where I went wrong? I tried to treat the design to the smallest details. Obviously I did not understand what standards of quality Envato.

The screenshots do not have the original size, the original ones were to 1920px.

Thank you all in advance.


Yes, @ingegnocreativo, nice, but the text is hard to read, and some graphic elements hard to distinguish from backgrounds.

Glad that you are concentrating on details, at least it is probably getting through technically.



hi , i personally feel exactly the same as @tmcom (Shane). What he told u is definitely right. There’s a very good base to work with. Now, if the design is nice and i might even add original, the problem is more about readability. Some of the menus or texts are a hard to read and it would be greta if you could increase them a bit. I am also aware that it always looks better when u have thin texts and when they are not spread everywhere but readers must be able to see what’s written too :wink:


Thanks guys for your feedback, I upload screenshots of redpen to allow you to comment on my layout. I loaded the file in actual size to see if the text is readable or not.


Thanks again for your feedback, I await your comments, which will allow me to improve my design.


Welcome, @ingegnocreativo, but some of the text is still hard to read, and eventhough some of the text over the backgrounds is easier to read, it is probably still not what Envato would let through.

I tend to put a brush, airbrush layer behind anything like this that could be an issue, and match the background color.

Best to click on my avatar image and link to check out my work, and understand this.

Good luck. :palm_tree:

Thanks @n2n44!



Hi, @tmcom, thanks for your feedback, I’ve seen your work, and looks attractive. Could you elaborate about the readability of the text? You can highlight in my design which is where the text is difficult to read in your opinion?

Thanks again :smile:


u are welcome Shane :wink:


No prob,.

Well, the first image you see when scrolling down, the Welcome and the Y, are fighting too much with the background in my opinion. and the image with the naked woman might be ok, or it might not be?

If you look at this and your mind has kittens trying to figure it all out, then the review team will have the same issue and the chances of rejection will increase?



Hello friends! I need your help. Last time, my illustrations are rejected very often. Seems like I did something wrong or my level skill isn’t enough. Here are my last rejected illustrations https://www.behance.net/gallery/31493271/Test . I need your advice what need I fix\change\add. So I need your criticism . There were vectors categories (Food, business, conceptual). Thank you all. My best regards)) .


hi buddy, indeed for me there’s nothing wrong about your works, they are cool and most importantly unique … but maybe the style was judged not “bankable enough” or that they have considered that the commercial potential of it is not hit enough, or simply that u have met a reviewer which doesn’t like your style and thus your works … in this case, this would make sense to have a look at the technical part because honestly , if u have uploaded in the right category , then that u have closed all paths and organized everything well, then i don’t know what maybe the reason for this rejection … (i mean apart from taste)


Hi! Thank you for your attention to my request, and advice that you gave me. I’ll try to modify the style and themes. Eventually failures make us grow)). Good day to you))


have a nice day and good luck :wink: