Theme PSD hard rejected. Please Advise.


Hello Envato Community members, Hope you are doing good.

We created a PSD template, which was hard rejected. Can you please help us about that. We would like to know the reason for rejection and how can we Improve it.

Here are some of the the preview image links:
14 new photos · Album by Shivam Pancholi

Please we would like honest feedback, whether it is good, bad or ugly.
Thank you so much for this.


We will be grateful.
Thank you.


Hi, first of all i’m not an expert but i think:

  1. “gradient” color and background are outdate.
  2. Theme color is too “frozen”.
    3.You can work a little bit on fonts and images preview
    4.Search on themeforest in the psd category and see what is trend right now, to have some ideea how can improve your work.
  3. I know is frustrating to be hard rejected, i personaly have 3 hard rejection so this is life.
    As i said i am not in expert but is just what i see on your template(sorry for my english).
    Have a nice day👍


Thank you so much for your opinion.
I’ll try my best to improve in the areas you have mentioned.

Have a good day to you, too. :slight_smile: :raised_hands: