Why my PSD was hard rejected??? please feedback :(

Hi to all:

Why my PSD was hard rejected??? please feedback, thanks, regards.

pleaseeeeee feedbackkkkk

nothing help me always same

neverrrrrr help me

your need more improvement in typography. design looks good.

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Hi @JeriTeam,

Don’t feel nervous, try to update new design with new concept.

Here is the answer of your question, please keep some point in your mind when you are upload your new items in envato:

  • Header should be required crystal clean, you can use transparent navigation and after on scroll fill navigation kind of concept in navigation.
  • Typography should be required clean and also maintain hierarchy of heading style like h1 to h6.
  • Try to create more version of typography.
  • Button should be require and each segment have equal spacing.
  • Try to use maximum wide space with your creativity.
  • Use google font more represent typography and use proper color combination, you can also check best color options from https://www.colourlovers.com/palettes.
  • Try to maintain each section have same spacing and also maintain parent and child section with appropriate.
  • Use footer and forms with as per new trend and do not repeat existing design in your new layout.

Please, try to follow above all points and create new layout so u can achieved good milestone with proper justification.


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Many thanks @ThemeLayer and @yankeethemes for help me need improvements my design.

@yankeethemes sorry I not have many time for work on envato because I find a work on company my country. for so I am wrong my work designs psd on themeforest was hard rejected. I try fix my design as you say me but I will change different style and submit theneforest maybe approved. many thanks again.