Hard rejected project

Hello, I received a hard reject of the title project, I would like to improve it so that it fits the quality. What do you think is wrong with it? Thank you in advance.

1.Particle simulation is very static.
2.Camera Transition is not fluid. (try moving the camera in z space not just up-down)
3.Text effect looks dated. (try to interact it with particle effect.)

Instead of using the single-particle system for the entire template, try to divide the particles in the scenes that way you achieve variation(if you are using form with fluid simulation you can use random seed from fluid master tab to achieve different look with the same particle system).
Try moving particles close to the camera, add depth of field or camera lens blur with the depth map.


Thank you.

Hi. I could add to the great feedback @santoshw7885 gave you, that the text should have variations, for example, not always at the left side of the particles. Maybe different positions and some depth of field settings could help your text to have a better look.


Thanks again for the detailed answer and your help, I changed the animations according to your recommendations and updated the text effects. Stardust was used to create the project.

Hello, thanks for the advice, the project has the ability to transform text through the control layer, I will try to vary its position in the video preview and update its effects using depth of field.

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Taking rejection personally makes being rejected much more difficult for you … Perhaps you do expend so much energy on picky details that project teams don’t .

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agree with @santoshw7885

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