Hard Rejected - not sure I can do any better

I’m absolutely gutted.

I’ve been hard rejected before but with this track - I seriously don’t think I can do much better.

Not sure I can continue with this as it’s just not working for me.

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The track is good , just very dirty , and the instruments are not balanced , especially the piano , the piano sounds too sharp too dry and plays faster all the instruments ( not mixed ) , the most important thing here piano and it is a try to rewrite the piano and you will succeed !!!

Hi @GT_Music,
i guess the problem is in the low frequencies, low piano notes sound a bit raw, dissonant and too much loud.
I think if you just use a bass guitar and simple quite piano chords (played an octave higer) with a little reverb, they will accept it, everything else sounds ok to me, just check out levels again.

I hope this will help you, good luck!