Hard Rejected...its getting harder everyday, any suggestion?

i know its getting harder to be approved here, and i havent submiting anything here for quite long time…is there any new trick i didnt know?
these 3 are hard rejected.
any suggestion?


hi what u are ssaying is true … this category for me is the hardest one … i guess this is also due to the fact that the logo is the highest paying sort of item in GR ad thus many people try this, lots of things have been created and many authors already are submitting items …

for me the lst one is just great! if i were u i would only try to give a little bit more originality to the text part and take out the colors combination with two color different color, they are ruining the preview of this huge logo …

the cloud one is good but it sounds familiar i guess they have probably estimated it was close to something that they already have … ythe font part is a bit flat though the logo is good and the preview u made are quite selling if u ask me :slight_smile:

for me the first one is cool, i mean i like teh concept but i think there are some small flaws in the way u made it come true … the one color versionshould be given the same kind of relief as the other one …at this stage the shape is kind of too flat or simple as such when only one color … I am not sure the preview with blue and red is a good idea, it does not give a very good opinion of what u did , though your work is cool … color combo is not teh best one

i hope it could help u :slight_smile: