it very hard i take tired

hi i send 5 logo but all of them rejected…
again and again and again…
no body dont tell me WHY…

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Nice logo! Actually for the same reason, I didn’t upload there for 3 years, now I am try again. But I think there is something wrong about their politics or reviewers , feels like they don’t want much competitors. Maybe black marketing. Just guessing. But there is really something wrong.

hi , if u ask me the work that u have here is sort fo fair but this is also very far from being perfect all the same and as regard to the kind of saturation that we all have to deal with plus the fact that the logo category is probably the most difficult one of them all , u have to identify that the flaws maybe the reason for your item to be hard rejected … .So let’s get to the point, this is not bad that u introduced some originality through the typo however , what is much more of a problem is that the concerned font is hardly readable in the first place and is also not matching completely with the illustration in my view. U also have to think about details as they matter and indeed the red and green preview color set is really not selling to say the least , this version looks pretty bad compared to all others and i am wandering what made u come to select such a version in the main preview , besides as we are dealign with colors, the complementary colors of the main preview are not bad but they are not really in keeping with activity and professional color codes. Finally your presentation looks way better when u have your logos in mockups and i think that the second line of plain logos should be replaced by additional mockup previews

No man, It’s just a lottery, because I am analyzing logo templates in graphic river, and I see many really bad logos, with strange colors, with bad/short description and bad preview, and they are accepted. Also I had a lot of refused logo templates, that have good sales on other graphic stock markets.

My offer would be for moderators who accepting logo templates, to leave comments feedback.

I understand your desire. But then we will have to put up with the queue of 3-4 months.
This is not the best way.

lol the only thing that u would be get is to be kicked if so lol so u should better not …

Why so?

give it a try u will see LOL