Hard Rejected item, need your advices


Get a hard reject today after 2 hard rejection.
I completely changed the layout but still get rejection.
My demo site:

I resubmit the same theme with completely changed the layout.
I got a Hard Reject again in less than 30 minutes with generic message. This really seem an automatic reject.

Is it illegal to resubmit the item with same name and category?

Any suggestions?

Best regards

Thank you, Charlie. I set the define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true ); but can’t see that error. Would you like to tell me how to check that error?

I got it. The notification only appear when I log out.
Thank, Charlie.

I’m not the right person to advise on that in detail but you don’t want it showing on these demo

You’ve got some good choice of pages and features etc but there’s definitely room for improvement on attention to details

  • Logo is v small on mobile

  • Drop down in footer on mobile looks odd and you are missing an opportunity by having widgets in a more extended footer eg book now, latest show times, etc

  • the video then image on film pages really doesn’t work. One of the other or else have one at the top and insert the other further down the page

  • some odd blank spaces in some pages

Thanks for your advanced. Really appreciate it. Will work again base from your advice.

Bear in mind you need to make some significant changes to any hard rejected item.

You have included a good choice of features already so it will need to come down to refining things -

  • consider multiple layouts for films, shows etc

  • definitely dark and light (this greatly restricts ape when there is only one)

  • maybe have landing pages for film premiers or exclusive content

  • you have watch lists but I can’t see registration or membership any where? That could be another feature

  • blog categories different post types

  • even without the actual functionality you could create some kind of “watch with friends” feature where people sign up or register or invite friends to watch together

The pint is that you have an opportunity to really add value based on exiting base functionality and this will help address the hard rejection requirements too

Such a great ideas. I noted for develop my theme. Thank you for your help and valuable suggestion.

Such brilliant concepts. I made a note to develop my theme. Thank you for your assistance and valuable advice.