Got hard reject for my item, after resubmit! Please advice

My item got hard rejected after resubmit base on this:

{ Design is not finished and it was not fixed:

P.s: Hi reviewer, can you please give me more detail on this.

Thanks in Advances

Do you have a working demo? It’s a bit hard to give proper feedback based on a few screenshots, especially when you say that you can’t reproduce the problems in them.

Out of curiosity, are you able to identify the problems seen in the screenshots?

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Thanks a lot for your message. We found the issue, also the demo was remove now :slight_smile:

The item was rejected. I’m starting new item submit for now. So can I keep old theme name for next item submit?!

Good that you’re moving on with a new item. Unfortunately with this one being rejected you wont be able to submit it again, even with fixes.

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thank a lot for your help :slight_smile: