Hard rejected - quality standard

Hello fellow,
Can you please guild me. Please check it out https://www.kri8thm.in/html/moviznow/theme/

Typography needs quite a bit of work but the bigger issue is those movie images -

Unless you were somehow populating them dynamically from somewhere then there is no way you can use copyrighted images as part of the demo

Thank you very much for your reply.
After making these changes can I submit again?

Thanks in advance.

No. Small changes are not enough.
You cannot resend hard rejected item.

Can you please guild me what’s wrong with my work https://www.kri8thm.in/html/owlerr/theme/ another hard rejection and same reason.

Hey kri8thm,

For starters, your template looks like one of the already existing templates in the market. Something you need to keep in mind, reviewers look at design the most, and to get an approval, your item has to bring more value and better design than the previously accepted item in the category, that said, the item you’re trying to submit has a saturated and competitive category.

Let alone what I said above you’re missing out on:

  1. Typography
  2. Typographic hierarchy
  3. Overall spacing

Some examples would be:

  1. Icons in the sidebar are too large
  2. Dropdown menu spacing
  3. Spacing in the first 3 cards of the main demo
  4. Menu is broken on mobile if your resize your browser when its open
  5. you’re not utilizing white space, elements have no room to breath
  6. This template looks like something similar to an item in the market

and you get the point.

I would recommend starting with something more basic and less saturated in the market, this way you have a better chance of approval. Also before you upload, try posting to this forum to get community’s feedback, a lot of people are willing to help.

Finally, don’t give up and just learn from your mistakes, just look at the latest items and use them as a reference to the standards you are looking for! :slight_smile:

I am seriously disappointed. Another hard rejection please check this Vidgo - Online Movies, Shows & Video Streaming Template what’s wrong with it. I don’t understand what happening.