Hard Rejected Flyer.


Hi guys,
I’ve tried to upload my first item on Envato. It’s a graphic river flyer. But obviously :slight_smile: it got rejected. I’ve also written a little document for editing! But no way.
Here the flyer

Was it hard rejected because it’s pretty basic? Or does it have any technical problems?
Anyway i was thinking to something minimal, while making it.


hi, very nice, I like your work


It was hard rejected. I’ve posted it here to get feedbacks or advices to let it pass the review process!


Yep, probably because it was too basic, too many colors and scales in the fonts, and possibly including models in final work, which isn’t allowed.



What do you mean with “possibly including models” ?
The flyer is about a jazz trio concert, how can i demonstrate that without showing some players?


Demonstrating is fine, but they cannot be included in the PSD file.



Thanks! I didn’t know about this. There are any other “guidelines” ?


Cannot include social media icons, or company names, l think that is about it, but you can still include the silhouette of a model.