First Flyer got hard rejection, New to selling! Would like to know what went wrong with the design.

I made this flyer into two formats, one A4 (print) and 4x4(web). I’m not quite sure why it got hard rejected, any feedback would be appreciated. I will use it to improve the next submission.

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Never understood how they do the reviews, this looks nice :slight_smile:

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Very nice I think that graphicriver already have same idea, not unique design.

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Weird! I still see these posters getting approved. I wasn’t sure if I made any mistake in the source file. Are these rejections completely based on the design or does it includes any faults in the source file? I just removed the model and kept the background. I can keep the background right?

Assuming that you created the background then you can.

Presumably documentation etc was all included?

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No the background is a stock photo. Probably I should disable that too? Yes documentation and help file was included.

100% you can’t distribute a stock image and that would definitely cause rejection.

With that in mind then what you have, while it looks nice is not really enough to compete in such a crowded category.

Once the background and the model etc are out then all that is left is some fairly basic text layouts.

Oh thank you so much charlie! Bit new to selling, thought I was following everything correctly but missed this one out. Will try to make some unique designs from next product. Thanks for the help and feedback. Much appreciated.

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