Hard rejected. Corporate track. Please help.

This track is a second upload on AJ and has been hard rejected. Please if you could give me some opinions, guidelines what could be the reason and of course to avoid further mistakes. Thank you

Hi! 0:00 - 0:49 - melodies, instruments are very far from AudioJungle, 0:50 - melody at harmonic guitar is better and closer to AJ music, but arrangement and mix sound is not enough for approve. I suggest you to cut this melody as main melody of your song (or create something similar) and create corporate arrangement with standard AJ sounds: piano, drums, percussion, bass guitar, guitars, staccato strings ect. And don’t use specific arpeggiators sounds like you use at this track.I hope it help you! And good luck! :blush:

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Thank you! Just a question. 1. What do you mean by specific arpeggiators? 2. The melody to cut - you mean the melody at 0:00-0:49? Thanks

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  1. Sounds that lead at 0 - 0:50
  2. I think that melody (0:50 - 1:06) is fine at you can create track with this melody at beginning (as main melody).
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Work on the sound quality of the instruments. Purchase a good “headphones” and train your hearing by listening to quality music.

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I agree with @EvgenM, but except the headphones. Better to purchase studio monitors.

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Try to do something different. Do not do anything with this track. It’s just not a good idea.

Thank you for all suggestions. In fact I have studio monitors, but I assume I am focused not what I am supposed to. Normally I write music for acoustic instruments (solo, chamber music, orchestra) for other musicians to play on the classical concerts or play music myself. I have no experience in both hearing or writing this genre of music (or any other from commercial scene). I was writing music with use of electronics but it was “acusmaticmusic” and I was using algorithms to control parameters.
What I already noticed and understood is indeed quality of instruments, I use them raw as they are from libraries and do not anything to match the sounds with each other. The second thing is the mix which I did not do expect of leveling, did not do panning, EQ, compression etc. The only thing I did was adding a bit of compression on master bus after I finished the track.