Hard rejected! Confused!

Hello everyone, Got rejected this item.
Any idea? No specific reason mentioned.

the animation is not good. is too basic and too similar.

Yes, as has been said above, its a problem with animation. Animation is too bad. You should make it more interesting and more professional. Now it is just boring wiggle, and that’s all

Yes yes invaluable insight, definitely worth opening an 8 month old thread, OP definitely needed to hear that “its too bad” and has to make it “more professional”


You pulled out my words from context. Don’t you think so? You forgot about the “wiggle”. You wrote only “its too bad” and “more professional”. You should be more attentive.
Usualy I can write what can be fixed or improved. But not here. Here I don’t see what the author can change in the details, because this animation has only local wiggle, and that’s all. Here’s are need a global changes.
I did not notice that the thread was created 8 months ago. Envato changed the algorithms. Now the old threads, in which something was deleted, or was liked, are shown at the top of the list.
You must remember!: If an author ask about feedback, I can write all what I think about his item. If you don’t like it, it’s your problem. By the way, I wasn’t asking for your opinion about my comments.
PS: Don’t be a rough here. This is unacceptable in this forum (and in general in life). Let’s respect each other.
Have a nice day…

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You just don’t understand how annoying it is to ask for feedback, and what you get is “IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH”.

I told you before, if the animation is bad you don’t just say “ITS BAD” and leave it at that. You say “the animation is not fluid enough, try using ease on keyframes”. If you can’t take the time to elaborate on exactly what you mean when you say “it’s bad”, then please don’t bother commenting at all. You are wasting everyone’s time, and I promise you that it’s super annoying to the author who asked, and not helpful at all.

You have great projects and I’m sure in a lot of cases you can say more than “make it more professional”. Please take your time and give some real feedback

(If you want to continue this discussion, send me a message through my profile, so we don’t spam the thread needlessly)

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No, I don’t want to continue this discussion with you. You still not see that I wrote that the main reason of reject is “wiggle” opener animation of icons. I am sure that is the basic reason why this item was reject.

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It’s really a big help to receive this kind of descriptive feedback. If I received it earlier maybe I have reworked on the project and re-upload it again. But I went another way. But I’m back with more experience creating templates full-time for last three years. Special thanks to all the other authors dedicated their time to provide a feedback for my work.

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