Hard rejected AE project. Why?

What is wrong with this ? Please, need your opinion…

It’s pretty far off the standard to get accepted here unfortunately. Personally, I think the font and text colour you’ve gone for is pretty horrible. The camera moves really need some work… you’ve got some abrupt ‘wiggles’ before the camera heads off somewhere else., so you need to play with the spatial and temporal setting and open the speed/position keyframe editor to smooth out the bumps. Also, you’ve built a 3D scene, but the camera only moves in x and y apart from the end. It would have been better with some rotation on the x, the y and the z, plus a little bit of movement in z space to add a bit more interest.

Apart from that, the overall look isn’t too bad, but even without the issues above, it’s just not got the kind of premium feel that’s needed here.

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thank you for your opinion.I agree, 3D scenes is new for me.