I’m new: Why my AE project was rejected?

Thank you for helping!
iFrame Photo Gallery

A new scene appears just gaining opacity from 0% to 100%. It’s boring. I would come up with more interesting transitions between the scenes. The font seems to me too coarse

It´s too long to have almost the same transitions all the time. When every picture appears, it stays totally still, if I were you I would´ve made some smooth motion between every in and out of the pictures, just to keep a flowing animation.
Good Luck!

Thank you romlam, GoForMotion. You helped me a lot, now I know how to improve this project.

Honestly, this type of project is kinda outdated, it was popular back in 2013-2014. I’m not sure what you should improve here to get accepted. There are bunch of similar better projects in VH and demand on them is only going down. Of course, I might be wrong

damn, are you a handyman here? :smile:

Got a mood today to apply my experience here :crazy_face: