Hard Rejected Advice


<bold?Dear Sir i uploaded a magazine cover template in recently. But unfortunately i got a mail today i was about hard rejected. I don’t know whats wrong with my design. I abide by all rules like preview image 590x2000 px, screenshot image was zip format and main file was zip along with hele me pdf file and information files. i just want to know where was my fault so that i can rectify my mistake in next time.


yor flyer is too basic, need better typography,need more better colors, etc but your can make a flyer for approvech your sell.


This is a fashion magazine cover.


Yes but need better your design.(sorry my wrong flyer)


Can you Sent any Instruction for uploading process. When I upload this items then i chosen only print template category where i seen magazine category.


i checked many magazine cover template in graphic river. But some template not too good than my rejected items.


Yes, your can check.


i checked many magazine cover all of magazine cover is simple or not many gorgeous then why my items rejected?


hi Tow sorry i make it short lol well indeed first of all submitting an item starring a celeb is a pretty bad idea and will be the opened door for people to reject your work and unless i fool myself it looks like that this is Kate Winslet that u used, so u had basically no chance at all to be approved …

after that @JeriThemes is right u have an extra effort to make when it comes to typo and typo combinations especially when u know how much this is an issue here … lets face it some are not matching well with one another plus some look really strange and not appropriate for the kind of item that u are trying to upload …

there is also nothing revolutionary about the lay out, i know that is not necessarily required but lets be honest there is a bit of a lack originality combined with the impossibility to read some of the texts that u places and there is also a bit to say as regard to spaces too , since the whole thing is rather heavily loaded when in many cases minimalistic items are rather favored nowadays for these types of creations …

this is also not a good start for you psychologically speaking to be convinced that sone guys have lower quality items approved , we all know that inconsistencies do exist and that some items are making their ways for sale when some better ones never manage to make it, that s a fact. Now this is not your business anyway , in your side what u have to do is to focus on your own game and taking both your skills and items to the next level, which unlike what u are saying can be really greatly embettered … at this time the kind of thing that u have been creating is kind of too simple and there is much to say as regard to what can be arranged so that the whole item looks way better and that should be your real concern, not other guys do or not do. just in case u did not get it , and i know what i am talking about as far as this point is concerned , no matter what u are going to do nothing is going to change anyway , whether u like it or not and u will be losing a greta deal of energy out of trying to fight some things when at this stage u have other priorities …