hard reject within 10 minutes after loading the template

Hello! Received a hard reject within 10 minutes after loading the template. How normal is this? This is already 3 times when I get rejected so quickly. What could be the problem? How can the reviewer check the template in such a short time …? Has anyone come across this? Help please.

Did you submit all the documentation, working demo etc?

Hello. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, sure. The strange thing is that even if they do not like the design, etc. how is it possible to get such a quick rejection for the third time.

It depends on several factors e.g. how much of a change there is (bear in mind that previously hard rejected items are not meant to be resubmitted so this in itself could be a cause)

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all three templates are different.

can you share the demo here?

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This is 3 templates.

Arnold isn’t so bad.Next time try to submit item different time from previous items. Your item will be reviewed by another reviewer probably.
Good Luck !

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Thank you very much! I really hope for it! :grinning:

with respect I think they have rejeceted because there are spacing and alignment issues, typography issues etc, specially at bottom space of each page main section. And the most important issues I have found is your menu drop down in small devices: menu dropdown not working for the first time (onclick) in small devices, when page scroll menu dropdown scrolling is odd, in small devices menu design same as desktop design is not good. Thanks


Thank you very much for your response! . I will work on the bugs. If I understand you correctly the problems in all the templates?

Certainly the first two - they are becoming very difficult about these one page resumes because they are heavily overdone

I would suggest abandoning those and concentrate on evolving, adding to and building on the last

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Thank you all for your time and help! :grinning:

Maybe there are themes that use the same name? That can be a cause of rejection?

Also your themes have some preloading problems, for example the menu is showing with the preloader on page load on martin etc.

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