HTML Template Hard Reject

The reviewer does not say anything about why they rejected my HTML multipurpose template, containing 6 homepages and other inner pages. I’ve made sure that my design has maintained ThemeForest rules and principles. HTML has also checked with w3c validator and there was no error showing and HTML markup is good. But, I’m confused about why they rejected my theme within 10 minutes after my submission. If you help me to find out my faults, I would get benefited from this. Thanks in advance.

Live Template link:

By visiting your provided URL i see everything looks fine to me. Maybe you did something wrong with file structure for submitting a theme? As i don’t know you followed file preparation guideline i would suggest you go through the following documentation
File Preparation Guideline

Maybe this would help. @unlockdesign it would be better if you can help them by paying a visit to their theme.



I have saw your item there is some issue as i saw

  • Typographic Hierarchy
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Spacing & Alignment
  • Overused Animation (removed it)

May be they expect more unique design from your in that category.


Your suggestions are a great help to us. Thanks a lot.
I was wondering, If I solve all the issues you mentioned above, then can I resubmit the theme? Can you guide me in detail on how to overcome hard reject and submit again the same theme on Themeforest?

generally hard rejected item you can’t re-submit but after significant change you can do that :slight_smile: