[Hard reject] project feedback Please

Hi ,

I have created a coming Soon app showacase HTML5 template. But reviewer as usual giving the same comment on not met the standard requirement. I really need you guys feedback. How i can improve myself and what i have been doing wrong when designing the template.

My demo link: www.themestreets.com/FrameX/HTML/index.html

Hi @charlie4282,

After compare my HTML template with those that in themeforest, I know my template did not giving a “WOW” feeling.
But just don’t know when is wrong.
could you provide any feedback for me? :slight_smile:


It’s too simple, you need a design that every elements have a reason to live and a well-designed appearance

Thanks , yea this is the most hardest part.
will think more on it.

anyone still can give me feedback?


It feels frustrated.
But there is no layout design, no typography, no appeal, spacing are not good, it does not looks like a coming soon page.
If you remove that white box and put your contents in center may it will look bit better.
You also need to research on creating high quality designs.