[Hard Reject] HTML Coming Soon Template. Need your opinion about my design.


I recently submitted my HTML Coming Soon Template into Themeforest and unfortunately I got Hard Reject. I would like to know your honest opinion about my design.

This is my template: http://flipclock.dx.am

Actually I tried my best and have no idea what to do next.
Can you help me to make improvements and show errors in my template?
I would appreciate any comment. Thanks.

  • This flip counter effect is quite overdone in the category

  • The execution of content esp. typography, sizing and readability could be improved

  • You have issues on mobile with counter cropping

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Hi there:
Please you case to @charlie4282 that better explain, you can create new html coming soon for approved html, regards.

charlie4282, your opinion is very important for me. Thanks.

JeriTeam, thanks for your reply.

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Hello Charlie4282,

Thank you for your previous recommendations. I corrected all this, but unfortunately I received a second Hard Reject. I’m in despair. I do not know what to do. Please help me again. What am I doing wrong now? Thank you in advance.

This is my template: http://flipclock.dx.am

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Wih respect the execution still is not great.

In such a niche area there is zero room for error and there is still quite a lot of optimisation available there.

Typography is far too small

  • general concept and added features are still a bit basic

  • a non-working form is really not an option anymore.

The problem is that as it stands it wouldn’t be hard to find something quite similar for free online, and you have to provide somehting truely unique and premium

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Thank you for such a prompt reply. I appreciate your opinion.

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Hello @charlie4282,

Do you share some feedback on my rejected items from Themeforest? Themeforest team is not providing me feedback on my design. This is my second template which gets the rejection. If you share something, it will really helpful for me.
Template Link: http://themex.monstrkart.com/