Feedback for Coming Soon template needed



Hi all,

I would appreciate if you guys could lend me some feedback about my soft rejected coming soon template.

Thanks :)!


Your design is good but I need know why your design is soft rejected but I need your show message soft rejected that come your email, regards.

p.d: do you understand my reply?


Good start but not finished. Another point is, there are lots of similar templates so you should at least find better idea


Not sure if it is a slider or image etc. but whatever the main hero content is does not load on a mobile


Hello @alphadesignsau.

A very decent attempt on Coming Soon template.
However, it appears to be too simple in an overly saturated marketing.

I would recommend you to add a bit of uniqueness in the template.
Fancy boxes around features section and a more complex footer would get you off a good start.

Have a nice day.