Hard reject my template

Hello. Yesterday the template of the coming soon website I designed was rejected and I don’t know what could be the reason. I will be happy if you can help me to find the reason. Thank you.

demo link : Trilliant | Coming Soon Template - Main

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Coming soon doesn’t really cut it anymore - it’s too basic and easy to find similar for free online.

To stand any chance with coming soon there would need to be some outstandingly original design and features

Ok thank you, And what is your suggestion for me to start my first project and put it up for sale?

You need to think about something ok a bigger scale / focus on the design and the functionality

It’s super competitive so producing something simple or like so many others already for sale (regardless of if the design and code is good) won’t work.

It’s not just about coding it’s about market competitiveness, uniqueness etc.