My New Coming Soon Hard Rejected


My coming soon template rejected please give suggest


Please help me

hi there:

Your wrong w3c is:

Your need fix html.

I hope help you :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for reply.

Can i fix and after upload it?

I think that you can make new design html (remember before of submit you can check w3c) if you design same submit again rejected.

Do you understand me? Sorry my bad english.


Hi there, Hitjariwala.

Sorry for the disappointment, but keep going and you’ll get there.

I am working on officially becoming an author myself.

Would you be interested in becoming partners and working together to make your coming soon template better and getting it approved?

  • Bridgette

Nope. You cannot.

But you have other options.

You can add many more features change the look completely and resubmit. You can resubmit if its totally new product.

Alternatively you can sell it elsewhere or give it away for free. Freebies generate lots of traffic :wink: , which can help you sell your future products.

Keep learning, keep getting better.

Great work! I don’t see why it shouldn’t get accepted

Can any share me approved documentation?

Yes but if you not upload a documentation obvious is rejected.


All your templates are very simple in general terms.

He needs to learn about the typographic hierarchy.

Work more in EMG or start a new project, as AVAIL and MOJO does not have the minimum quality to be accepted in TF.

You have to practice and play with the combinations of text fonts weights and their respective sizes.

Try to be more creative, familiar with the content available in this market.

Focus on presenting a quality item rather than trying to present many (quality before quantity)

Keep working all that time will allow.

Good luck

Hi, @hitjariwala
Also add more section in menu like service section, subscribe section, it will help you in approval