Hard reject, misunderstanding, need help!

Hello every body.

I’ve got a reject without specification of what’s wrong with the template ( http://deno-angular-material.com ), is it the documentation or should I buy all the used images from envato, or …?
It’s a Material Design Responsive Template, with already implemented Authentication, authorization, personnel and favourites modules.

Thank you for your help!

Hello @rakiabs,

First of all, your template lacks tons of key features such as proper typography and alignments (margins, paddings and so on).

Secondly, it’s way too redundant and simplistic. It has nothing else apart from a homepage and a help page.

Moreover, it’s not intuitive. At first you are expected to simply scroll down to see more content. Then you realise you have to use the tabs which when used, you are left with no option to go back without clicking the ‘Go Back’ button in your browser. It is confusing to the end-user.

Additionally, I am not sure how properly written the documentation is but as far as images from Envato authors being used in the template are concerned, you are NOT allowed to re-sell them under no circumstances and in any way unless you have a separate in-stock re-sell licence agreed upon with the original author.
Extended licences do NOT automatically give you the permission to re-sell assets bought from Envato in any way.

Learn more about in-stock licences here.

I guess you should try a new approach to the template because it’s a hard reject.

P.S. Personally, I believe that the fact that you received no specification of what’s wrong means that perhaps everything is wrong.

I hope you take my advice under consideration.

Take care.

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Hello @ThemeLyft,

thank you for your answer. The main feature that I want to sell is not typography, not alignments, not… There is a lot of templates in themeforest that are offering those features.
I’m offering the “JSON based Authentication” and the “Authorization” implemented with AngularJS which I’ve missed in many Themes that I’ve seen in Themeforest.

Nevertheless, I’m giving some useful modules like ‘profile’, ‘personnel’, ‘favourites’, ‘login’, ‘logout’, ‘register’, ‘help’, ‘forgot password’. You can see it after login with any dummy username/pwd in the demo, you will find yourself as an admin and you’ve the right the create/update/delete.

After reading your answer I’m seeing that AngularJS Template is not the proper name for my application and themeforest is apparently not the right place. But where should I upload it? Is Codecanyon the right place?

Thank you for your help!

Hello @rakiabs,

Even though you are focusing on the backend, you still need to work a bit on the front end in order for it to meet the aesthetic item quality criteria based on Envato guidelines.

As far as where the right place to submit this is concerned, you must choose one of the sub-sections inside JavaScript section on CodeCanyon. You can find them here: https://codecanyon.net/category/javascript

Take care!