Hard reject issue

Hi, i keep getting rejected and all i get back is a Hard Reject and i think we all know is not really useful.
Here is the product i’m trying to load and not sure what i do wrong.

If any of you hav any suggestions i would appreciate.

Have a nice evening!

Hello, I think that you can create a account new same nick but “chitic_florin2” in “NON-EXCULIVE” you can sell any designs in any marketplace you will to be earning 30% for you.

Remember I am not expert to designs for cv resume, you waiting other authors can help you.

Thank you.

I’ve already did that using a new account and with a non exclusive setting.

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hi , well there is no need to be surprised to get rejected with such a resume … sorry to say just this, pls do not take it personally, but what u have here has been done countless times already. From the color combination, to the typo, to the disposition and elements that u have inside, all is really inspiring a very strong deja vu feeling indeed. Pls understand that , in such a saturated marketplace where there are more and more rejections all the time (and even for really experienced designers and / or good sellers here), you cannot expect to come up with something that has be seen over and over again and look forward to having it approved for sale … Besides, let’s also face it, apart from a rather lack of originality and of special touch here, indeed, if u are considering what is left in the main download file , in fact there is nothing much indeed. U will have texts, simple plain color shapes and lines … . In other words, this maybe a good idea to try to offer some extra value in what u create and so that the potential buyers can feel like that they will either side time out of buying or be able to get extra creativity or obtain something way beyond what they could possibly do by themselves. This is not really what u have here , at this stage and I am inviting you to think about it. Otherwise, I feel that the content is a little bit too dense and that adding some breathing here and there would help to make the design look more attractive overall. I also recommend that u really try to arrange everything as perfectly as possible in the flyer, when u have issues with spacing and hierarchy of information, because this is a corporate item here, creativity is not the real deal all the same for here - I mena apart from a marketplace context like here - but what will be demanded from u is to offer something that will be perfectly arranged as far as all basic design principles go. Also, the typo can be perfected , for instance ,u have a more condensed font used for “position name here” and it does not really make sense or look good , if u ask me. I hope it could help , pls keep my recommendations as productive as the only purpose is to try to help u. have a nice day

thank you for the feedback and i agree there are stuff that they are generic like the text but you are saying this is something you’ve seen before, if yes can you please show me? If you take a look 99% of the CV template’s are the same as in terms of content you can’t do or change alot so you are blaming my lack of design skill to alter something that can’t be changed in reality. Most of the templates you can change the header and placement of the text and tha ti what i’ve been doing. You are speaking i have a spacing issue in the flyer and i wonder from where you took that as that you can see only if you have the actual documents and open them and i am 100% sure that spacing is all good as the file as created in Indesign for your assurance and indesign doesn’t really leave space for error.

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You talk about this resume like you have found out the wheel.
Well im sorry, it is a lot of lorum ipsum text that repeats itself.
Nothing special.
Every basic designer can do this in couple of minutes.

So try again and don’t be lazy this time.