Hard Reject again,please help


ok guys…Envate rejected every last one of my projects in last 6 months and now Im starting to think that my music is just not good enough,for selling anyway…Im seriously thinking to quit AJ and commit myself in some other way,but before I go,pls listen to one of my latest submissions and tell me where did I go wrong?Thank you in advance


Hi, the one thing I found annoying is that guitar is to “clicky” the rest of the composition seems ok, I think if you will add something different instead of this guitar or make it softer this could be accepted, and personally I would add some more soft bass in specific moments. Regards, Marcin


Thank you very much for the review
all the Best


I disagree. I like the “clicky” of this. The problem is audio jungle is flooded with tons of audio and they want to maximize profits. You might want to try other sites or work with more niche projects. The quality and everything is totally fine. But in their eyes they have to regulate how much “stuff” floods their market.


thank you :slight_smile: i did have same impression but just havent ever said it out loud


Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

I think that the arrangement is a little bit poor and not so interesting matching nowdays standarts.

Try to listen top tracks here on AJ, especially in your favorite styles. Try to achieve that quality and sound. Your music must meet the profession standarts and have commercial value for video projects.
The quality of tracks on AJ is improving day by day so you have to match this and permanently work hard and learn I believe.
I wish you will get it!

Cheers :call_me_hand:t3: