Hard Reject 10.06.20

Got a fresh ard Reject guys. Please need your opinion about whats wrong.

Good morning,

Wow, brilliant stuff!

Two things, I think for AJ it needs some element to lead the listener through, even a broken up lead line or maybe a delayed sound effect of some kind; just some element that recurs to provide milestones and recognition. Secondly the contrasting rhythm and tone of the piano in the second half doesn’t seem to work. Again it doesn’t have to be perfectly in time, but set it up as a 5/4 hemiola or something like that so that it’s out of time but in time at the same time, and maybe clarify/thin out the tone a bit.

Still, I really enjoyed this track!


Great piece but maybe some parts are too minimalistic. For instance the beginning takes too long to get started. Maybe start at 0:29? And this also affects the minimalistic outtro. Or load this one up as a second longer version? Good Luck!

@fishsound @iwritemusic
Okay so… im try to fix those changes and try to upload it again. Thanks for tips.
Stay tuned.

I think this composition is good, but it will be tricky to get it accepted on AJ, because this market is mostly about upbeat and energetic stuff, and this peace is the opposite of that.
So you will have to make it really great in order for AJ to let it in.

I would suggest to work on the following:

  1. Divide the track into blocks or sections (A,B,intro,outro etc…) and make sure all elements in each section are stable in terms of rhythm, dynamic and note range.
    Each section by itself should run smoothly and with no sudden changes. The melody on guitar in this track is uneven in terms of dynamic (some notes are too quiet and some are too loud), and in terms of rhythm (on 0:37 a note is omitted, on 0:56 rhythmic pattern of the melody breaks for 1 bar). It sounds good from artistic point of view, but it ruins the “background quality” of the track, which is bad for stock music.
  2. Intro and outro are unclear. It feels like they appear out of nowhere and disappear the same, with no clear idea behind them. Try making them more defined. (Long fade in/outs are usually not good in stock music).
  3. When combining elements, make sure they work together in terms of intervals, groove and dynamic. The piano part that comes in the second half of the peace is unclear and seems to conflict with main element (guitar). Also make sure each element has its own place in the arrangement and in the mix.
    (Piano and guitar both play in the same frequency register and in mid section of panorama).

Hope I could help,

Good luck!

Wow!.. I didnt think about that my work will be SO much bad for stock music because i have already upload such works many many times and those was accepted.

Okay, thanks for advices and tips. I try to fix that.