HARD REJECT, help...(I'm really tired of this)

In your opinion, why does this song not deserve to get to the stock market or at least get a Soft Reject? I really need your help.

Hi @Kvazarius, Nice piece, but I think it’s because the part of the guitar is too long, the break is much too late and it’s a little bit too much in the face. My advice: tune the guitar down a little, make a break at 1:06 with the guitar and place the break part there that you start at 2:10. That break is much nicer with the piano chords. And then maybe shorten the piece? I think you’re almost there.


First off let me say that production quality is great on this. It sounds really clean and professional so I can understand your confusion.

Im really new to this so my opinion is perhaps less informed than others but I would say that there needed to be a “B section” where the chords or riff changes, there needs to be a bit more contrast for colour. It starts really well and sounds great but gets a bit too samey. I’ve heard they will reject things based on arrangement if your sections are too long and repetitve.

Think Verse > Chorus > Breakdown> Chorus. Keep it all a little shorter. Something new should be introduced every 4 - 8 bars ideally to keep listeners interest. I do think that the sections are little too long.

Also did you submit it with the title youve set on soundcloud? If so youve broken AJ’s title rules and that will get you a rejection right before they even listen. ( https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016422271-Music-Titles-on-AudioJungle)

Hope this helps and sorry if it comes across harsh in any way. Just sharing my own research so far :slight_smile:

Dont give up, best of luck with future submissions!

Good morning!

Yep, I think a secondary section/chord progression would be great. Also I’d bring down the delay on the guitar a little bit during that first break. The string drop is probably also what’s doing it, between the string patch and the precise timing of it, it comes off as robotic.

Good luck!

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Hello, here’s my opinion as a working (live performance) musician. A little late but it’s helpful to read comments when you’re trying to get music accepted. This song is four chords, and they repeat at 4 beats each for the entire song: A major chord, its relative minor, its mediant minor, to its subdominant chord, rewind. After about 36 seconds I already didn’t want to listen again because I knew it was going to keep cycling. This is pretty common with rejected songs, I’ve been researching (to try to start submitting my own Lol).

Even non-musicians can sense when something is repetitive. They know what’s coming, so they tune out. You have to wake them up again, because tuning out can happen within 30 seconds. Probably with some variety the production quality is good enough for acceptance. Like a bridge section that utilizes a new chord or two in that key, say the dominant, with some chord changes at 2 beats instead of always 4.