Guitar Show & Tell

Hey Jungle Brothers,

Since writer’s block kicked in heavy this morning, I figured I might as well start a new thread.

Meet one of my main workhorses: a Cimar “Les Paul”. I’ve been told Ibanez made them back in the day, but never looked too into it…

She was my dad’s breadwinner back in the 80’s, and since being handed down to me she has continued her legacy, now providing for my family as well.

She survived a broken neck and years of road abuse, but she’s a survivor. Best neck I’ve ever played, despite the kinks and bumps…


Looking forward to see yours…


Nice! Never tried a Cimar, but I have played on an Ibanez Les Paul a bit, maybe they’re really similar?

That guitar was very nice! I believe they were forced by Gibson to stop making them though (for obvious reasons). :slight_smile:

Does yours have a 50s (thick) or 60s (thin) neck?

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Reeeeally thin neck, more like modern day Ibanez. My Tele feels like a baseball bat after I’ve been playing with the Cimar!

To promote yourself on the forum is prohibited in any form!

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That’s only half true :slight_smile:

While it’s not really allowed to promote your own items here on the forums, I don’t see the problem with sharing pictures of your guitars.

Feel free to keep sharing your guitars, but as @FoxHorn said, self promotion of your own items is against the forum rules.



Here’s my newest addition to the family.

Ibanez JB Brubaker Signature 2017. Isn’t she gorgeous?! :heart_eyes:

I saw it in the store yesterday, and the paint job was so similar to my branding that I couldn’t leave without it!


Makes sense. Track is gone. This thread was intended to be about sharing guitars. Back to it!

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Ohhhh those racing stripes! That’s one sleek guitar!

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I love the white pickups! :heart_eyes:

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Me too! :smile: didn’t know that type came in white!

Under the guise of demonstration of his guitar, was a commercial track. I don’t like “cheating” in any manifestation. There is no “special” all follow the rules. And this is not the first time. And about showing the guitars I didn’t say anything. No need to mislead.

Hello friends, these are my three little girls I’m in love with, the two tylers have the '59 neck, fat and marvellous.


Here are 2 of my guitars. Acoustics changed to a car, and the electro got from a friend.


Really like the Suhr as well!
Cool desk by the way…

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Here my Schecter Omen 8 with switch to single! :smiling_imp:

After when i play low Nu metal i write commercial rock)


My weapon of choice for its versatility:


For acoustic stuff:

LARIVEE D-60 (very early model, unique eagle and feathers inlay)


Okay!:alien: here my prototype! Ibanez RG7321 with Wireles midi keyboard m-audio

3 years ago I go to sleep and have idea connect midi to guitar! and I did it! c:


Hey, Awesome thread and awesome guitars.

This is my 82/83 (I think) Japanese Tele with a drop D on the headstock and stupidly put in kill switch, which annoys me and has no use to me what so ever.

I use to work in a guitar shop, this came in with a part exchange and I had to have it. The previous owner came back a few years later, offered to buy it from me but I couldn’t sell it as I love it. I felt really bad!!


Brilliant!!! Love this.

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Love an Ibanez Neck, so smooth!