What's your favorite guitar?

Granted I only have 2 :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m loving my Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

I didn’t realize how much better a decent guitar can be over my previous $50 garage sale special. The action makes everything so much easier to play…now I just need to get better at playing in general!

So what’s your favorite guitar? And bonus points if you can link to a sample or an AudioJungle item where you’re playing it :smiley:


I have washburn X200 pro (with seymour duncan ). :slight_smile: Good model. Works with different amps well. I can create light blues sound with overdrive or crunch or play with modern metal distortion sound in high gain amps.
Progressive metal song recorded with my washburn X200 + blackstar apm pro - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15326847/Иерархия%20-%20Битва%20Королев%20[single%2C%202013].mp3
Light blues/rock solo at this song intro and hard rock sound in other parts of this song (amp: mass boogie rectifier) - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15326847/Ієрархія%20-%20ніч%20кохання.mp3

But I want to buy second guitar (ESP). Amercian/Japan models has very cool sound. Prefer some models from Horizon series.


Nice! Love the sound. I got a very Pink Floyd feel on the second intro before you kicked off the hard rock :smiley:

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I have many favorite guitars (too many some might say…), but if I had to pick one it would be my Sandberg strat:

Its a german made copy of a 61’ Fender Strat with alnico pickups.

I was surprisingly difficult to find any tracks with this guitar in my portfolio, but buried in this track it is. The lead is played with a Gibson ES175:


I’d have to say my Taylor 314-ce. Absolutely love Taylor’s sound, and playability.

This is my favorite track of mine using this guitar:

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I’m in love with my Martin 000-15, it’s THE guitar for cowboys!! :wink:
I’ve played every folk song from my portfolio with it, including my best seller

I own many guitars and this one has something special…
I can’t take a picture, my studio is not tidy at all, ha ha

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gibson explorer vampire blood moon
If you are into rock stuff ! :smiley:

Forgot the link



I have a '79 Strat same as this one. Sweet tone from the neck pickup. Am considering changing the bridge pickup at some stage. Real nice neck on it and it plays itself. Won’t have it with me for at least another 6 months but have some samples of stuff I recorded with it to use in the meantime.

Edit: for bonus points :slight_smile:
The rhythm and first lead are on the '79 strat. The second lead is on a strat copy that I have at the moment. You can hear there is a lot less body to the strat copy sound.


I’m in a love-hate relationship with my electric guitar and I’m constantly thinking about buying a better one. So this thread is great! I’m currently rocking with this one (but with DiMarzio EVO 2 pickups):

Ibanez JS100

In my best selling track I try to play some upbeat rock:

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What a strange topic by an Envato team member,clearly you are bored :slight_smile:

Just trying to kick start a little conversation in our new project space :smiley:


I knew something was fishy :slight_smile:

I have one of those things, they are great, but once they are out of tune it is pain in the neck to set it right again. i dread every time I take it in my hands because I know if it needs tuning it is gonna take me an hour at least and than all inspiration is gone… Did I just say inspiration? Oh dear…


I abandoned tremlo arms with my last aria pro. Like yourself, more messing around with tuning than playing. Always wanted one of those Vai Ibenez tho. They were crazy money when they first came out. I don’t know how to use a tremlo properly anyway, it just sounds gimmiky when I try it for vibrato. Maybe good for dives. Can’t thing of many that use it well, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck.

My love instrument: Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci JPXI-7 7-String


This is exactly why I have my guitar being fixed in guitar repair center as I write this - I’m putting some kind of blocking element into the bridge which will take away tremolo’s ability to move up but as the positive side of it the guitar should stay in tune longer and would be much easier to tune. This is my last try before I buy a new one without any tremolo at all.


I love my Fender Eric Clapton signature strat

Tuning is different from fixed bridges but I only need to do a full tuning (springs, head tuners, bridge tuners) when doing a full string change. Properly set up it stays in good tune for months. I used to have a RGIR with fixed bridge but I really enjoy the tremolo :sunglasses:

Only real issue for me with floating trems is I need to adjust my right hand position so I don’t rest my palm on the bridge.

In my experience high quality guitars will stay in tune whether it has a floating/non-floating trem or fixed bridge, while low quality guitars don’t stay in tune regardless of which bridge it has. But a high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality and vice versa.
I have set up my strat style bridge so that it doesn’t float. In addition I have locking tuners and my guitar never goes out of tune. Badly intonated guitars and guitars that goes out of tune can really kill all creativity, especially when you are recording.