Childhood Dream: Buy a Les Paul


Just picked up a 2016 Les Paul Studio. Had to snap a photo to share with you all!

Time to make some more music! :sunglasses:


She’s a beauty! Enjoy :sunglasses:


Awesome! Love the colour choice.

I’m hoping to get a new electric soon to replace my cheapo Bullet Strat… haha. Considering either a Telecaster or something Gibson… Can’t make my mind up though!


Nice! I am still learning on my squier affinity lol.


Very nice! :heart_eyes:


Swit swoo! :heart_eyes:


Nice one MorningLightMusic. We share the same dream :slight_smile: Really great guitars.


Sexy! Enjoy the inspiration you’ll find with this new toy. :wink:


Nice! The new studios are pretty sweet.


Congrats :slight_smile: Recording time!


Awesome! :heart_eyes:


Wow, looks nice. Congrats and happy playing! :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! :smiley:


Congratulations! It’s pretty amazing to know that dreams come true! :wink:


I bought myself a Les Paul studio as well :slight_smile:


Congrats mate, looks gorgeous!
Are you going to stick with standard pickups or swap them for something else? Actives maybe?

P.S. For me personally, every time I’m going to buy a Les Paul - I end up with another PRS in my hands :slight_smile: IMO price/quality is unbeatable. But… they are not Les Pauls.


The Burstbucker Pro’s sound great! I’ll be sticking with them for a while!

Yeah I’ve played a few PRS guitars. Good stuff, but I’ve always been a Gibson fan.


Congratulations! There’s nothing more amazing in life than buying a new guitar;)
PS: She is hot! :slightly_smiling:


my GIBSON Les Paul Traditional '60 Zebra Goldtop :slight_smile:


Goldtop. A beautiful instrument! How’s the neck profile on the Traditional?