Guest Post plugin get rejected, i don't know why

Hello, as an advanced WordPress developper i’m take about one weak of work hard between plugin development & its documentation, BUT WHAT IS THE MAIN CAUSE FOR YOU MAKE MY ITEM REJECTED??
Thats make me stop thinking for next projects (wordpress plugins) on codecanyon, is that something normal?
Here’s the demo:

Hello Ben-S,

It takes so much time to load the links (20s+), that I thought them to be broken.

That being said, you are developing a frontend plugin, which means that the reviewer will expect you to provide a nice and above average base design for it.

Both the documentation and your post here on the forum are full of grammar mistakes, to the point of being almost unreadable.

Example, from your documentation: page called New Post containing its shortcode that will be the gust front end publishing ( submission of new posts ) & new user called guestauthor that all posts assign to it except logged in user when create new post.

I suppose the item description was of the same quality, which seems unacceptable to me. Even if your plugin was a rockstar plugin, this documentation would be reason to reject it.

I can’t see your code so I can not comment on that part.

We all are human beings and we all make mistakes. Accepting them and fixing the issue is the hardest part. You should not toss away your plugin, you should keep working on it. In the meanwhile, take an English grammar course, read some personal development (or self-improvement) books and do not rush things. Even when you are writing on a forum, do not rush. Build quality, above all.


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Thank you sooo much, for your attention & your time, i’m really benefit from your replay, i did expect this attention from anyone! Thank you again very very very much for your time