My Wordpress plugin was rejected.

I am not very professional in these matters. But I don’t think I’m too bad either. If I learn at least some quality standards, I can follow suit. Can anyone help me with why my plugin was rejected? It will examine my plugin and draw me a path.

You need to share the demo for your plugin if you want feedback/help

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Hello my plugin is in the link below, so this is just my plugin in quality control? Are they checking or is it also the text of the description and document I prepared? They are checking. They didn’t give me any clear information and I have nothing in mind about why he was rejected.


Best not to share zip files/full copies. Did you submit a working demo link?

Yes, I have sent it at When I say full files, I did not understand, so my English is not very good. That’s why I’m struggling. Have you examined the code structure of my plugin? Is it a lot? Bad. Or do you have suggestions where I need to fix? I’m not very professional, but I don’t think I’m too bad either. What is your opinion?

We are not keen on open in shard files from public forums just in case.

It’s hard to tell what we are looking t form that demo link but FYI demos and items should be in English only

I don’t know what is FYI. I want to send you my plugin as a private message. Can you examine it and guide me if I have a mistake?

I’m afraid we are not the right people to do that as plugins are not a category we have a lot of experience in.

I got it, can you recommend a friend to me? Because I want to be good, but I want to learn that only someone at a higher level can measure my level. So I’d like to seek advice from a highly skilled plugin developer.