graphicriver and photodune items used to create market items thumbnails

Does anybody know for sure if we can use graphicriver/photodune items (regular license) to create based on them our thumbnails (those 80px x 80px small images) for our themeforest/codecanyon items (without including that thumbnail in the download package, of course)

I will create a help ticket too to ask this, but the current reply/waiting time is around 4 days…

I can’t see why not. Anything you want to use for preview purposes (that includes the thumbnails/live domes etc…) on Envato Market must be licensed for commercial use. The standard regular license (most Graphicriver items lay down under this license) of Envato Market grants you a commercial license which is exactly what you need to.

For Photodune, you can use the watermarked versions of the photos in your preview/live demo, but you have to credit the author. If you purchase a regular license, you’ll be allowed to use the photos without giving a credit to the author. - from the Help Center -

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