Using Watermarked Photodune Images In PSD templates

Hi guys… I would like to know if I can use watermarked preview images from Photodune in my psd submissions to Themeforest… most of these images would be edited (some parts cut out)… I would credit the author of course… I just want to know if reviewers accept such items… would appreciate any help guys… :grinning::grinning:

Yes you can, but keep in mind that you can’t include them in the main downloads, and the watermark must be visible after you crop the images.

Appreciate the reply… Thanks a lot… Just wondering, is there anyone here who’s done this before and got accepted? Do I need photographer/author permission to do this?

Yes, there are some authors who have done that before, see these items (particularly the second one).
You’re not required to have permission from the author, but a credit in the item description is required.

Thank you very very much friend… I really appreciate you helping me out… thanks again… GLWS!!!

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling: