Using an Image from photodune


I want to buy one image form PhotoDune Regular License and use it in my template demo. Can i use it more then 1 template.

I only want use it in demo not in downloadable file.


Yes, you can use in DEMO

Do not include in download, you’ll be fine.

You can either buy image, or use watermarked image, as long as you don’t include in download.

Be sure to tell Reviewer that Image(s) aren’t included in download files.

P.S. it’s customary to include link for image if watermarked. Otherwise give link for image if necessary.


can i use image more then one template.


If purchased, it’s probably best to buy additional images for other templates.

With watermark, just give link to image.


Yes you can use it for multiple item previews


thanks for your replay.


good additional information, well done :wink: