URGENT: Please help me, Photodune and Themeforest

I need use images from photodune but do I can buy any images but only preview my item for sell themeforest .psd? Please help me thanks.

Yes you should buy the images, but you cannot distribute them along with your theme. However using stock image sites such as pixabay, you can! Hope that helps.

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Thanks for help me but I not like use images free because not professional but now I buy photodune, regards.

but I have problem, if need permission author from photodune for use images preview themeforest .psd? Sorry my question again

Not 100% sure you need permission to just use the image for preview. But you can purchase an Extended License and get written permission from the original author to use in your theme sold on Envato Market. Keep a copy of the email giving you permission.

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but I not want use file images (I will use placeholder) .psd but I need only preview item themeforest, do you understand me? sorry my bad english

You don’t NEED permission but always best to ask and make sure you credit it in the description

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Answers: Author licensing FAQ

Can I use an Envato Market item in my own item preview without purchasing a license?
Yes, if you only use it in your preview on Envato Market and you only use the watermarked item. You must link to the original item in your item description. Remember not to include the item in the download.

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Many thanksss charles,I use images only my item themeforest regards.

P.s: Close there forum

Thanks for you help me regards.