How can I use Photodune photo to my template for themeforest Item?

I am new comer. I am going to build up a template. As a result I need some awesome/unique Image. I have tried to collect by search on google. By this way, I come to know that we can use Photodune photo free.

But I don’t know how that is possible? Please write with details step by step.
I am waiting for your kind information.

Details for what? How to download preview images? or what?

Yes @OsamaSayegh .How to download preview images for my themeforest template?

One another question is: If you use these images then how many sell I will get. That means difference between use these image or not, which is better for new comer, benefits or dis-benefits of it.

Right click on the preview image and save the image to your compute just like how you download images from the internet. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t include the preview image in your theme, you can use them just for preview/demo purposes. Also you have to give link to the image in your item description.

Not sure I understand the other question correctly, but it’s definitely always better to use high-quality images for your demo especially if you’re planning to use them as sliding backgrounds. You know, your demo is what attracts customers so you should make it as good as you can.

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Hmm. Many Many thanks for your kind information @OsamaSayegh . I understand that I can only use preview images for demo and must me add those image link to my item description. But When client buy product then?
I mean I want to know that:

  1. when client buy product then client pay those image money? Or
  2. Client buy those image from that link?

Actually I want to know that if I use preview images then how to buy product client from me?
Please write me. And again thanks for your helpful information.
Waiting for your reply.

Most of the times the customer doesn’t really need to buy the images you used for your demo. And if a customer needed to buy one of your demo images, he could just follow the link you put in your item description and buy it from the author.

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What does most of author for their themeforest template?
I mean their use preview image or paid image?

Please write me. I am again waiting for your best answer @OsamaSayegh.


I’ve seen maybe one or two themes using preview images from PhotoDune. Pretty sure the authors of the popular themes on ThemeForest are using paid images from stock image websites for their demos, and that’s probably one of the reasons why they succeed.

Thanks for that, but I don’t really think my answers are the best, are they? :smile:

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How can i use without watermark preview image from Photodune for my demo by credit link? @OsamaSayegh

Not sure I get this correctly, do you want images from PhotoDune without watermark on them? If so, then you need to purchase them.

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wow, you can use photodune images without buying for demo purpose only ?

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Yeah, that’s true.

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for small images this is a solution, I usually buy my images.