Can i use images from google for my theme demo purpose only?

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I am working on theme design for selling on themeforest. i have 1 question. can you some one help me to finding my anwser.

Can i use images from google for my theme demo purpose only?

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No. you can’t use any of Google images. Most of have copyrights.

You can find some of free images providing websites here. :

My fav one is

Thanks for you answer, i want to ask you 1 question,
lots of author used shutterstock images. How it Afford this?

They Purchase the images from shutterstock/photodune etc.

If you are ready to Spend $$$ For images Go for shutterstock/photodune etc.

if not use the free images. :smile:

Thanks for your advice. :laughing:

Another website suggestion is Fotolia. Shutterstock is very expensive!

For, you don’t have to purchase, you can use previews and you credit the author in return, but it will look terrible in your demo, I wouldn’t go with it.
Here is my favorite free high-quality resources:

  1. Unsplash
  2. Fancy Crave
  3. Kaboompics
  4. Gratisography

Thanks :smile:

My personal favourite :


What about those images from google that have rights of use marked as: “labeled for reuse”?

That are images that google shows when you search images on google then choose “Tools for search” -> “Right of use” -> “Labeled for reuse”.

Are we allowed to use that images for preview purposes only?

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I wouldn’t advise risking it - aside from the fact that mostly this is just based on what the person submitting it says, there is a big difference between ‘free to use’ and ‘free to use commercially’.


If you are not rich, you should use free image first, some sources above are enough for a theme demo :slight_smile:

I suggest shutterstock/photodune to have eye catching and high quality images. High quality images are mandatory to develop an awesome item if you really want to grab good sales.