Can I use graphicriver's game assets for codecanyon items while choosing regular license

Hello friends I need your humble help, can I sell my HTML 5 game in codecanyon using graphicriver game assets, for example if I purchase this game asset ( choosing regular license from graphicriver and make a game for sale in codecanyon and write a description for buyers such as “Game assets are not included with this item/game please buy the game assets separately from this link (” could it be allowed by Envato if I don’t include game assets which I have purchased from graphicriver but instead give them the link of game assets to buy from.

I was reading some help documents in “selling and being an author” and found this question which is related to my question

"Can I use non watermarked assets from the Envato Market in my item’s preview?

You can if you buy a Regular License. This will allow you to use the asset you’ve purchased in your item preview – you don’t need to use the watermark, and you don’t need to credit the author or provide a link back."

So then, can I sell my item if I give the link of game assets to buy from in the description?

If I’m understanding you right, then yes. If you only want to use Envato items in your preview material, then a regular license is fine. No need to link to them. If you want to include any Envato items in your main download, then you need an extended license and permission from the author.

However, I’m wondering whether a game would be accepted on Codecanyon if none of the required assets were included. I guess it’s ‘Code’ Canyon, so the main thing is the code… graphical assets are secondary in a way. I’m no Codecanyon expert though. But yeah, what you’re suggesting is above board from a licensing point of view.

Thank you for your humble help @SpaceStockFootage, in the item preview buyers will play or watch the game demo with graphicriver’s game assets, when they download the game, they will get fully functional and playable game with my dummy sprite sheets once they purchase the graphicriver’s game assets, they will be easily follow my video tutorials and documentations to replace my dummy sprite sheets with graphicriver’s game assets. This is the basic idea to avoid the extended license which is more costly than regular license, if codecanyon does not reject my item then I will be eternally grateful to them, right now I am out of budget to buy extended license of my game assets therefore I want to sell my game using graphicriver’s game assets with regular license

That all sounds pretty good to me. Obviously I can’t guarantee if it’ll be accepted, but it all seems above board. Good luck!