grand restaurant and last wp 5.5.3

Hi! I’m editing a site which use grand restaurant.
Since I update the wp version at 5.5.3 i cannot mdify any more my pages nor with content buider (it’s not possible to save the changes) nor with gutemberg editor (it save but my blocks result messed up).
I red the theme is not optimized for the last wp version. How can i do? I suppose i’m not the only one having this issue. I really hope some one can answer me.
Thank you so much

Hi, please contact the author of the theme to get support:

You will need to login using the account which paid for the item to get author help (no buyer badge on this account)

thank you so much of your rapid response! The matter is exacly this: i’m working on a site that was made from another person, so i don’t have my purchase number in order to contact the Theme Forest support! how can i do?

The theme says it supports WP 5.5 so should be usable with the latest version of WP. Also @ThemeGoods are one of the most respected authors on the marketplaces so it’s highly unlikely that their themes would not be very good.

Unless the person who set it up enabled the envato plugin and auto updates (you would see a notification in the admin to update if they had), then your only option of getting the latest version (released on October 16th) is to buy a new license of your/ the clients own