WordPress 5.6 compatibility with Grand Restaurant Theme 5.9.4

Hello Goodnight.

I have WordPress version 5.5.3, running Grand Restaurant Theme version 5.9.3.

If I update the theme to version 5.9.4 and then update all plugins to the latest version, and finally update to WordPress version 5.6, the theme’s content editor stops working. If I update WordPress first and then the theme, the result is the same.

In theory version 5.9.4 of the theme is compatible with version 5.6 of WordPress (in fact it includes the correction of a bug with the theme’s content editor).

If with WordPress version 5.5.3 I update to version 5.9.4 of the theme, the content editor continues to work correctly.

Do you know if there are any additional problems with version 5.9.4 compared to version 5.6 of WordPress? What can I do to fix it?

Thanks in advance and Happy 2021.


Please contact your purchased theme author, theme author will assist you.

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