GoPro 6 Hero Quality enough for Videohive?

Hi guys!

Does Videohive approve gopro hero black 6 footages? I am primarily thinking about quality. Thank You!

I’ve got one file approved shot with hero4black!
Most of aerial shots are done with these kind of action cameras so I guess yes, they should approve it!

Almost any camera that came out in the last years is able to produce a decent shot. Heck, even smartphones can produce footage that will be accepted here.

The camera has always been a not so important factor - now even more than a few years ago. What is more important are the skills of the guy behind the camera.

You can buy a GoPro Hero6 and get all your Footage rejected. If that is the case, your Footage surely wouldn’t have been accepted if you shot it with a Red Dragon or Arri Alexa either.

It’s not about the camera.

So, to answer your question: Yes, a gopro hero6 can produce shots that will get accepted here.

With those kinds of cameras, it usually depends on the lighting and composition of the scene. Darker scenes typically have artifacting/banding issues, and using the camera in a handheld fashion might result in too much shakiness in the shot.

There aren’t necessarily and rules against filming with a GoPro, however from an overall quality perspective, you have to take a lot into consideration when doing so.