Google Adwords & Audiojungle

Hello, community!

Hope all is well for each and every. I’ve been surfing the internet and didn’t find any good info about that.

Is there any chance i can get some knowledge if anybody using it and this tool really helps?

If yes, then…

What is the best way of using it, to promote own audiojuingle portfolio page or own site with all specific links?

Or just best selling track?

Or even soundcloud page?

What is the best budget for beginners?

Kind regards,

Well, there’s not much info on it since it’s an auction, and more people doing it = more expensive.

It’s likely not going to be profitable. You’re competing against big companies.

The only way to really find out is to spend some money and try it. I am about 98-99% certain you will lose money though. :slight_smile: