Google ADwords! Anybody use?



A couple of weeks ago im start thinking about this thing. Anybody on AudioJungle use this ADwords?
There was any result except spending a lot of cash?


I tried)
It’s a little bit expensive…


@Infraction Okay. I got it.


@Infraction Mut must be another ways to promote?


@Infraction How was it? Was it worth it?


@DPmusicStudio As he tells and i agree with this. After a two months use this thing i get almost nothing. Except
700 $ cost.


No results. Maybe it will be ok when you pay many thousands $ for ad.


I guess so…:slight_smile:


i think, that the best way to make more sales is hard work…
SEO in google is pretty good thing for traffic, in my opinion, but it’s VERY EXPENSIVE!!!