Give me suggestion for refund.


One buyer buy item in I am developed in now he comment me.


Getting error in build
Error 11 ‘System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBoxMode’ does not contain a definition for ‘Number’ D:\code\Management\UserManagement\ModuleManage.aspx 53
Error 12 ‘System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBoxMode’ does not contain a definition for ‘Email’ D:\code\Management\Management\UserManagement\UserManage.aspx 117
Error 13 ‘System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBoxMode’ does not contain a definition for ‘Email’ D:\code\Management\Management\UserManagement\UserEdit.aspx 284
Hope you will be reverting asap

I reply him it ajaxcontroltoolkit error so you just add ajaxcontroltoolkit or remove Textboxmode from textbox. I am use requirefield validation in it. he tell remove all error and upload again so i download there.
i said no i cant remove validation and upload as per your requirement. Also i give me skype and tell him give me teamviewer i solve your error. but he request for refund.

can any suggest me what i do?.

I would decline his refund and forget about him. Sounds harsh, but if there’s nothing wrong with your item, the error is caused by whatever this ajaxcontroltoolkit is, you’ve provided a solution to the error, and he’s decided not to take advantage of that solution… then I don’t see any reason to provide a refund.

Be friendly, be helpful, provide refunds when they are warranted, but apart from that… if somebody wants a refund just because they can’t be bothered to follow troubleshooting steps, then there’s not much more you can do. I mean, what happens when he gets his refund? If he buys another plugin then I’m assuming he might get this error again? I’m no web wizard, so sorry if that’s not right. What’s he going to do then, get another refund? Then do it all again?

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if he is wright so he give me teamviwer or contact me on skype. i think he use my application and he also he want refund. all envato team checked my application.

+1. I agree with rejecting the refund. You’ve provided a solution and he didn’t accept it, reject and forget about it mate! :slight_smile: