I get refund requests because the customers mistakenly purchase the js-version instead of the wp-plugin


most of the refund requests I’ve got until now, are because the customers mistakenly purchase the wrong of my items. There is a WordPress-Plugin and a Javascript-Version of my product and the customers sometimes purchase the wrong one. I already wrote a hint in the description, but there are still such mistaken purchases.

Any ideas to prevent such situations? Any tips?

thanks in advance,

Hi, You can put a red color banner on each time with warning message. Red background banner is best way for it.
Thank You

If i were you,
i will tell them to purchase WP version first then reply to your refund ticket so that you will process refund happily.

Thank you for your tip! Actually I have no problems with refunds in general. I only want to provide a pleasant user experience during the purchase process without confusing my customers :wink:

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Thank you! A red banner sounds good. I’ll try it.


Ask them to buy WP version before you refund the payment. They’re some scammers doing it to get both versions.

Thank you for your hint about scammers.

Actually the people already buy the WP-version before they request the refund for the JS-version. It seems most of them are honest. I trust that most of the people appreciate my work enough to be honest.

And actually I can’t do anything against the others.

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