Client asking refund for fully working and functional item


So here is my situation , months ago i did create and launched my item on codecanyon marketplace , then i had a lot of free time which i could have spent to make something to get little bit of earnings from some online platforms. i did upload this item which is fully yet functional and it is still same as it was described.

inside the description i did mentioned that i’m working on update and will be providing the due date once i have something to share. But by the time i could complete any of my new features or updates, i was in a huge mess with personal family matters and i couldn’t anymore work on new features, but i still kept my self active and responsive for my clients seeking for any kind of help or support for installation (which is not provided as per the support policy) and i also did fix the clients servers to make them run my item on their servers.

Today i got an comment from some client , which i never heard from him before for any kind of help or support , he mentioned that he will be asking for refund as he didn’t received the new features and all. So i did told him to ask for the refund if he wish to do that , but i’m there to help him in every kind of support he want, i will be answering him as soon as possible.

I really don’t know i’m doing right or wrong by keeping my self busy in my family matters for now and setting up my working life as i really need to do that.